Content can solve problems

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Content marketing should help your audience. In this episode of Get A Word In, Adam talks with Robert Carnes, the Marketing Manager at GreenMellen, about content marketing and how it can solve real-world business problems. They also talk about how marketers are problem solvers, what’s not working in nonprofit marketing, and much more.

Show Notes:

0:45 – Guest intro

1:33 – Marketers are problem solvers

1:56 – What’s working in content marketing

3:07 – Content can solve business problems

4:23 – What’s not working in content marketing

5:32 – Why and how nonprofits struggle with nonprofit marketing

9:02 – What marketing channels are working right now

12:00 – If you could focus on one thing in content marketing for the next year, what would it be?

14:11 – Episode Summary

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