What's Included?

It's a big investment, here's the breakdown

Let's break down our Essentials package

We start with a list of potential guests from you. Then, we would handle all of the following. Our $2,450 per month plan includes the following.

  • Guest Management
    • Guest booking - emailing them to be on the show and then to get them scheduled to record.
    • Guest prep - we send the guest everything they need to know to be prepared to be on the show.
    • Guest follow-up - we let the guest know once the episode is live and encourage them to post on social.
  • Episode Prep
    • We create an episode guide for each episode that includes the guest's background, social profile links, and any pertinent information about the guest. It also includes a show intro and suggested questions for the interview. You can approve this if you wish for each episode, but most clients just let us handle it.
  • Professional Show Hosting or Live Production
    • You can select from one of our six hosts to host your show (if you wish). Or, if you prefer, you can host the show in-house, and we will have a live producer on with you for each recording to ensure top quality.
  • Production
    • We create a production brief for each episode that includes show quotes that we can use for social, edit notes, episode themes, and other information to help promote the show.
  • Episode editing
    • Our audio engineers use the production brief to edit the show and tweak the audio quality to ensure everything sounds professional.
  • 1 edited video podcast interview
    • When we record each podcast we capture high-quality video as well. We then use this video to create an episode appropriate for YouTube or Live Streaming. We add a professional intro and outro and lower thirds to show your guest's name and title.
  • 1 detailed show notes
    • We outline your show with time stamps and themes. Show notes help your fans find what matters to them. They are also helpful with SEO when posted on your website.
  • 1 transcript
    • Transcripts are great for SEO and for users that would rather skim to read through things rather than listen.
  • 5 social media graphics
    • These are usually one of the following:
      • Graphic with the guest's headshot, episode title, and other episode details
      • Graphic with a pull quote from the show
      • Graphic with the podcast logo, episode information, and very short quote
      • Audiogram - these are technically videos, but sometimes we use them for social graphics
  • 3 short videos
    • These are usually videos that are 45 to 90 seconds
    • We can format them for TikTok and Reels, or for LinkedIn and Facebook, depending on need


$ 2,450 / month
  • 1 edited interview podcast episode
  • 1 edited video podcast interview
  • 1 detailed show notes
  • 1 transcript
  • 5 social media graphics
  • 3 short videos


$ 4,725 / month
  • 2 edited interview podcast episodes
  • 2 edited video podcast interviews
  • 2 detailed show notes
  • 2 transcripts
  • 10 social media graphics
  • 6 short videos


$ 9,275 / month
  • 4 edited interview episodes
  • 4 edited video podcast interviews
  • 4 detailed show notes
  • 4 transcripts
  • 20 social media graphics
  • 12 short videos

Need a custom plan? We can do that! Book a time to chat with one of our team members and we will give you a custom quote.

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