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  • You can buy a $6,000 toilet on Amazon, what? August 15, 2022
    In this episode: Amazon buying iRobot in a $1.7 billion all-cash deal Elon Musk sells 7.92 million Tesla shares worth $6.88 billion Jeff Bezos' Megayacht Was Quietly Towed From a Dutch Shipyard — Watch the Video California Regulator Accuses Tesla of Falsely Advertising Autopilot DuckDuckGo browser’s stricter privacy protection will also apply to Microsoft scripts […]
    Sanjay Parekh & Adam Walker
  • MLK was a Trekkie (we think) August 8, 2022
    In this episode:  T-Mobile Is Tracking Users by Default. How to Turn It Off These Companies Know When You're Pregnant—And They're Not Keeping It Secret Secret Service may disable iMessages to avoid repeat of Jan. 6 controversy Elon Musk countersues Twitter over merger, but details aren’t yet public Elon Musk’s antics turn owners and would-be […]
    Sanjay Parekh & Adam Walker

RSS While Daring Greatly

  • 6 Leadership Lessons from co-founding a crazy, amazing, world-changing nonprofit (48in48) July 15, 2022
    In 2015 I co-founded 48in48. Since that time, 48in48 has had a worldwide impact and delivered more than $25,000,000 in value to nonprofits. It all started with a crazy idea. Could we build 48 free websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours? Listen to this episode to learn if we did it (hint: we did) […]
    Adam Walker
  • I'm going to try James Clear's morning routine June 23, 2022
    I think I'm going to try out James Clear's morning routine. I read a Medium article on it here: https://medium.com/illumination/i-followed-james-clears-morning-routine-for-1-week-here-s-what-i-learned-1bd19f7c5e10 and thought it was really interesting. James Clear's morning routine is pretty simple, though I can't do some of the items in it. It is: 1. Prepare for the next morning the day before 2. […]
    Adam Walker
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