Setting Your Podcast Guests at Ease: An Interview Trick from a Professional Podcaster

Source: Artlist

There are many ways to fine-tune a podcast: compelling topics, top-tier guests, high-quality audio, and of course, a standout host. But how often do we consider the way we kickstart the conversation?

This trick from Adam works every time!

This technique is centered around creating a relaxed atmosphere which in turn, typically yields a truly engaging and authentic experience for the listeners.

While many podcast hosts prefer to have a pre-recorded intro, Adam chooses to read his live during the recording. He does this intentionally with the guest present to set a relaxed tone right from the get-go. Before hitting the record button, he informs the guest about what to expect. Notably he mentions that he’ll likely stumble over his words a few times during the intro. The aim here is to preempt potential hiccups, showing his guest that perfection isn’t the goal—it’s all about authenticity.

Sometimes, his fumbles are real; sometimes, they’re deliberately woven in. These intentional mess-ups serve a dual purpose: they not only make the guest feel more comfortable in the not-so-rare case they make their own mistakes but also set everyone involved at ease. Mess-ups are part of the process, they feel normal and expected—taking the pressure off the guest and allowing a more enriching conversation to take place.

Adam’s trick proves that the making and shaping of a conversation for a podcast is an art in and of itself. The secret lies not just in the questions asked but also in creating an atmosphere where guests let their guard down. This unique approach sets the stage for a genuine and pleasant conversation, comfortable enough to explore nuanced perspectives and pose thought-provoking inquiries, enriching the podcast experience for the audience.

For aspiring podcast hosts, there’s a lesson in Adam’s approach—the goal isn’t always a flawless show but a truly engaging conversation that feels natural and authentic. Remember, you can always use the magic of post-production editing to make sure the final version sounds great. So, rehearse, perfect that intentional stumble, and get ready to put your guests at ease for a memorable conversation!

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